Julio Crespo, general director of  Tarba Energía, considers that the recently launched EU Network Plan is positive, since it is not only about creating new networks, but about taking advantage of the existing ones. In this sense, the 25 kilometers of pipeline that the company has and “that connect with our electricity generation plant” stands out a pipeline that until now has transported “natural gas for electrical production discharged into the network”, but is “adapted for the transport of renewable gases, such as biomethane or hydrogen.” Existing gas infrastructure will be key to developing future renewable projects, in line with European Union guidelines.

These guidelines – the company explains – “have a positive influence on Spain” because they value the assets it has and “put the necessary resources on the table”, the company explains in reference to the plan called “Networks, the missing link”, recently presented by the European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson.

Specifically, Brussels has published a list with 166 strategic projects for the energy sector that may receive European financing in the future, among which is H2med, the hydrogen highway that will connect the Iberian Peninsula, from Barcelona, ​​with France and Germany. Until now, the company’s infrastructure has transported natural gas for electrical production discharged into the grid, but it is adapted for the transport of renewable gases, such as biomethane or hydrogen. In this sense, the company’s management considers that “the H2Med project included by Brussels in this action plan represents a boost to the business plans of different Spanish companies that include renewable gases and that have been waiting to be launched. “.

According to the Andalusian company, this EU plan seeks to “integrate green electricity and electrify large consumer sectors” by expanding networks “in a short time and in a profitable manner.” Furthermore, in relation to the deployment of hydrogen transportation and distribution projects, they believe that this plan proposes “to separate the backbone networks from the distribution networks that reach the final consumer.”


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 "Las infraestructuras existentes son un gran activo en el proceso de transición ecológica"