10 10 - 2023

[Video] Neighbors of Carmona (Seville)


  Our El Romeral plant is located in the municipality of Carmona (Seville), completely integrated into the rural environment. In the background of the image you can see Carmona, located 4 km from El Romeral. The city, with 30,000 [...]

[Video] Neighbors of Carmona (Seville)2023-10-10T10:06:44+00:00
20 04 - 2023

University and business together for energy development


As part of Tarba Energía's commitment to society and research for the promotion of energy development, several universities carry out field studies and guided tours in the El Romeral natural gas fields. The El Romeral wells managed by Tarba usually surprise [...]

University and business together for energy development2023-04-20T10:46:59+00:00
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