In 1984, the Argentine singer-songwriter Mercedes Sosa released her hit Todo Cambia, composed by Julio Numhauser. It represents an ode to constant renewal in life. An acceptance, dressed in folklore, of the unstoppable change that we experience in various aspects at different times. [Changes the superficial/Changes the deep too/Changes the way of thinking/Changes everything in this world. The climate changes with the years / The shepherd changes his flock / And just as everything changes / That I change is not strange. Change, everything changes/Change, everything changes/Change, everything changes/Change, everything changes…]

This movement inherent to our existence fills both, people and projects, with hope, even within the most ambitious ideas shared by different nations. Thus, as the song proposes, under the premise of renewal, constant movement, and flow towards the best, the current global ecological transition towards green, sustainable, respectful has been taking shape, in which Tarba Energía is fully convinced. As a result, Tarba has taken steps, renewing its corporate identity and opening up to new models of its own business.

During the beginning of 2023, the company’s image transition began and its symbol arose. A project that you can already see reflected on this website and a decision that accounts for the evolution that we are experiencing in the current global context. In the new image of Tarba, like Mercedes Sosa says, everything changes: the typography; colors; from the blue of natural gas exclusively, to the green of renewables (an allusion to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies), going through a gradation of colors that also gives importance to the hybridization of energies as part of the path.

In addition, through the soft wave that delimits it at the top, the new Tarba logo alludes to that spirit of transition that is so necessary in times that require a remarkable ability to adapt. The new image is a graphic representation of the business reality in which Tarba develops an activity that requires innovation, knowledge, technology, responsibility and, above all, the identification and recognition of the social environment in which it operates every day.

Welcome to change!