As part of Tarba Energía’s commitment to society and research for the promotion of energy development, several universities carry out field studies and guided tours in the El Romeral natural gas fields.

The El Romeral wells managed by Tarba usually surprise visitors by being completely integrated into the rural environment with little environmental impact. Recently, we recieved students from the Paleontology Applied to Energy Resources course. This course is within the Geology Applied to Mineral and Energy Resources (GEOREC) university master’s program of the University of Granada.

The visit consisted of two parts under the technical explanations offered by the Tarba staff. Firstly, the Santa Clara well was visited, where the entire system and technical method involved in extracting gas from the well were taught. Secondly, the students visited the facilities of the El Romeral electricity production plant, to learn about the process of transforming extracted gas into electricity.

In words of Dr. Julio Aguirre, professor of paleontology in the Department of Stratigraphy and Paleontology at the University of Granada, “the result was a very instructive visit for the specialized training of students within the specific topic of the master’s degree they are studying. They valued it very positively,” he said.

According to Javier García, director of development and projects at Tarba Energía, “the company is a national energy player with open doors. We want professionals in training, in practice, and the general public to know the locally available resources that Andalusia and Spain have and the work we do from Tarba for the development of local energy”.


Alumnos master Geología visitan planta El Romeral