At Tarba, we take pride in highlighting the daily commitment of our specialized technicians, who play a crucial role in the continuous review and maintenance of natural gas facilities that power the electrical generation infrastructure at our El Romeral de Carmona plant. Their work is of great importance and contributes not only to the efficient operation of our processes but also to driving ecological transition in the Spanish energy sector.

Our technicians, true guardians of safety and sustainability, conduct meticulous daily inspections of the facilities. This proactive approach not only ensures operational efficiency but also reflects our unwavering commitment to the safety of people and the environment. We strive to exceed regulatory standards, working tirelessly to ensure that our infrastructure complies with the most stringent regulations.

In addition to our commitment to safety, we also firmly believe in the generation of qualified employment. In a time when ecological transition is more critical than ever, we take pride in contributing to the employment of specialized profiles in the energy field. This commitment not only strengthens the local economy but also promotes professional development in the region and throughout Spain.

The generation of qualified employment is not only a business priority but a tangible contribution to building a more sustainable future. In our company, we recognize the importance of nurturing local talent and providing opportunities for professional growth to the residents of Carmona and its surroundings. We believe that by investing in specialized employment, we are building a solid foundation for a more prosperous society.

Tarba is not only committed to generating efficient energy but also to building a sustainable future through investment in specialized employment. The transition to cleaner energy models is not only a duty but also an opportunity to create a lasting positive impact in the sector within our country.